Pengertian Report Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pengertian Report Text dalam Bahasa Inggris — Dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris, selain tenses juga mempelajari jenis-jenis teks. Ada banyak jenis teks bacaan salah satunya ialah, report text. Bagaimana pengertian serta contoh teksnya? Mari perhatikan penjelasan di bawah ini.


A. Pengertian Report Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Report text adalah teks yang mempunyai fungsi untuk menggambarkan suatu hal, baik orang, hewan, tempat, benda ataupun fenomena sosial yang terjadi lingungan kita dengan penjelasan yang rinci / detail.


B. Generic Structure Report Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Setiap jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris pasti memilki generic structure. Pengertian generic structure ialah kerangka atau pola yang menyusun bagaimana gagasan atau ide teks tersebut disusun. Nah, generic structure report text ialah:

General Classification: introducing the thing that will be talked about (memperkenalakan hal yang akan dibicarakan).

General classification terletak di paragraph awal teks yang berisikan pengenalan subjek, baik orang, hewan, tempat, benda ataupun fenomena sosial yang akan dijelaskan tersebut. Dengan kata lain, pada bagian ini berisikan hal-hal umum akan subjek yang akan dibicarakan. Contohnya jika subjek yang Anda bicarakan adalah kucing peliharaan Anda, maka pada bagian ini Anda memulainya dengan nama, kapan Anda menemukannya dan hal umum lainnya.

Description: elaborating and reporting on the subject in detail (mengelaborasi dan melaporkan tentang subjek secara detail)

Bagian description ini terletak pada paragraf dua dan biasanya terdiri dari dua sampai tiga paragraf untuk bagian description. Pada bagian ini, penulis menambahkan ide atau gagasan pendukung dari general classification yang dibahas lebih dalam dan detail.


C. Contoh Jenis Teks Report serta Soal Latihan

1. Read the following text and answer the questions below! (Bacalah teks dan jawab pertanyaan di bawah ini!)

What Is Thunder and Lightning?

Lightning is a sudden, violent flash of electricity between a cloud and the ground, or from cloud to cloud. A lightning flash, or bolt, can be several miles long. It is so hot, with an average temperature of 34,000° Centigrade that the air around it suddenly expands with a loud blast. This is the thunder we hear.

Lightning occurs in hot, wet storms. Moist air is driven up to a great height. It forms a type of cloud called cumulonimbus. When the cloud rises high enough, the moisture freezes and ice crystals and snowflakes are formed. These begin to fall, turning to rain on the way down. This rain meets more moist air rising, and it is the friction between them which produces static electricity. When a cloud is fully charged with this electricity, it discharges it as a lightning flash.

1. What is meant by lightning? __________________________________
__________________________________ ________________________________
4.  What does the word “it” in paragraph 2
2. When do lightning usually happen? refer to?
__________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
3. What does the word “this” in the last sentence of paragraph 1 refer to? __


2. Rearrange the following text! (Susunlah kembali teks dibawah ini ke urutan yang sesuai!) 

a. The male measures up to 72 cm long, including the ornamental red plumes that require at least six years to fully attain. The female resembles the male but is smaller in size, with a dark brown face and has no ornamental red plumes. The diet consists mainly of fruits, berries and arthropods.

b. An Indonesian endemic, the Red Bird of Paradise is distributed to lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta islands of West Papua. This species shares its home with another bird of paradise, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Hybridization between these two species are expected but not recorded yet.

c. The Red Bird of Paradise, Paradisaea rubra is a large, up to 33cm long, brown and yellow bird of paradise with a dark brown iris, grey legs and yellow bill. The male has an emerald green face, a pair of elongated black corkscrew-shaped tail wires, dark green feather pompoms above each eye and a train of glossy crimson red plumes with whitish tips at either side of the breast.


Answer: ______________________.


3. Choose the best answer! (Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat!)

Text 1

Mangrove Tree

A mangrove tree is a tropical marine tree or shrub of the genus Rhizhopoda. Mangroves have special aerial roots and salt-filtering tap roots that enable them to thrive in brackish water (brackish water is salty but not as salty as sea water).

There are several species of mangrove trees found all over the world. Some prefer more salinity, while others like to be very close to a large fresh water source (such as river). Some prefers areas that are sheltered from waves. Some species have their roots covered with sea water every day during high tide. Other species grow on dry land, but are still part of the ecosystem.

Mangroves need to keep their trunk and leaves above the surface of the water. Yet they also need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves. There are three types of mangrove roots that play an important role for it:

1. Support roots which directly pierce the soil

2. Level-growing roots which twist upwards and downwards, either the upward twist emerging on the water surface

3. Level-growing roots whose downward twist (sub-roots) appear on the water surface.

Any part of a root, which appears above the water, flows oxygen to the plant under the surface. As the soil begins to build up, these roots produce additional roots that become embedded in the soil.

1. The main idea of the text is …

a. mangroves grow on dry land

b. mangroves are typical marine trees

c. there are many species of mangroves

d. mangrove roots filter the salt of the sea-water

e. mangrove roots are attached firmly to the ground


2. We can conclude that most mangrove trees …

a. need salt to grow

b. grow on dry land

c. grow on sheltered areas

d. get oxygen from water

e. grow near fresh water sources


3. In order to grow well, mangroves require the following except:

a. The roots twist upwards and downwards

b. The trunk should be above the water surface

c. The leaves should be above the water surface

d. The trees should be firmly attached to the ground

e. The parts of the plant under the water should have enough salt


Text 2

The Houses of the Toraja

The ethnic groups in the mountain regions of southwest and central Sulawesi (Celebes) are known by the name of Toraja, which has come to mean “those who live upstream” or “those who live in the mountains”. Their name is in fact derived from the word Raja, which in Sanskrit means “king”. The society is hierarchically structured: the noblemen are called rengnge, the ordinary people to makaka, and the slaves to kaunan; birth determines which rank a person will occupy.

The distinctive features of the traditional houses (tongkonan) of the Toraja are the “buffalo horns”, the roof design and the rich decoration on the walls. The buffalo is a symbol of status, courage, strength and fighting spirit.

Designed as a representation on the universe, the tongkonan is constructed in three parts: the upper world (the roof), the world of humans (the middle of the building), and the underworld (the space under the floor). The highly distinctive roofs constructed by the Toraja given rise to various ingenious interpretations.Certainly the roof is something of deep significance for the Toraja, and even today they build “modern” (in other words houses built with cement) houses with such roofs.


4. What is the text about?

a. The culture of Toraja

b. The society of Toraja

c.  The distinctive features of traditional houses

d.  The decription of a traditional houses of Toraja

e.  The ethnic groups of southwest and central Sulawesi


5. “… and even today they build modern…” (paragraph 3)

The underlined word refers to…

a. Raja

b. Rengnge

c. Society

d. Toraja people

e. Mountain regions


6. What are the ordinary people commonly called?

a. Tongkonan

b. Makaka

c. Celebes

d. Rengnge

e. Kaunan


7. Which of the following does not symbolize a buffalo?

a. Status

b. Courage

c. Strength

d. Cowardice

e. Fighting Spirit

Text 3

Borobudur is built as a single large stupa, and viewed from above takes the form of a giant mandala. The foundation is a square 118 meters on each side. It has eight levels, of which the lower live are square and the upper three circulars. This is said to be a map of the cosmos as conceptualized by the Buddhist Philosophers of the time. The upper level features seventy-two small stupas surrounding one large central stupa. Each stupa is a bell shape pierced by numerous decorative apertures. Statues of the Buddha sit inside the pierced enclosures Borobudur is still a place of prayer and pilgrimage. Pilgrims circumambulate each level seven times in a clockwise direction. The stupas on the topmost level contain statues of the Buddha in various poses. According to local folklore, touching each Buddha through the holes in the stupa wall brings good luck.

8. The best title for the text is …

a. Borobudur

b. The information on Borobudur

c.  Buddhist temple

d.  Borobudur as a praying place

e.  The history of Borobudur


9. The text belongs to genre of …

a. Descriptive

b. Narrative

c. Anecdote

d. Report

e. News item


10. The one is not true according to the text:

a. Borobudur is built as a single large stupa

b. Borobudur is a single large stupa

c. It has eight levels

d. The stupas on the top most level contain statues of Buddha

e. Statues of Buddha sit inside the pierce enclosure

Demikianlah pembahasan tentang Pengertian Report Text dalam Bahasa Inggris beserta contoh-contoh soalnya yang bervariasi. Semoga dapat membantu pemahaman Anda semakin lebih sempurna lagi.

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