How To Respond Common Questions

what do you do?

  • I am student
  • I am work in a bank
  • I am unemployed at the moment
  • I run my own bussiness
  • I am retired now, I used to be am engineer

are you married?

  • Yes , I have been married for two years now
  • I’m divorced
  • I’m engaged – we’re getting married next year
  • No, but I’m in relationship
  • Nope , I’m singel

why are you learning english?

  • For work
  • so I can communicate when I travel
  • I love learning new languages
  • Because I’d like to immigrates to the U.S
  • I’m thinking of studying in England

where/how did you learning english ?

  • I took classes for three years
  • I did an intensive course with Mr. Maula
  • I’ve been studying on my own
  • I picked it up from movies and songs
  • My girlfriend tought me

what do you do in your free time?

  • I don’t have any free time
  • I usualy hang out with friends
  • I go running a lot
  • I do volunteer work
  • I like reading and relaxing at home


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