How To Respond Common Questions part 3

Can you give me a hand?

  • of course
  • I’d be glad to
  • will it take long?
  • sure , just a sec
  • sorry – I’m a bit busy at the moment

What have you been up to lately?

  • I’ve been working a lot
  • mostly studying
  • I’ve been taking it easy
  • planning my summer vacation
  • nothing much

what’s the matter?

  • oh , I’m just having a rough day
  • I am not feeling so good
  • I just found out my mother’s in the hospital
  • I’d rather not talk about it
  • nothing , I’m fine

what would you like to drink?

  • iced tea , plese
  • just water for me
  • what do you have?
  • could we see the wine list
  • nothing for me , thanks

are you ready to order?

  • not quite –  I think we need a little more time
  • what are the specials today
  • yes, I’ll have a caesar salad and then the baked chicken with potatoes
  • uh-huh , to start off we’ll split an order of nachos
  • almost – i just have a couple of question

is everything ok?

  • yes everything fine, thanks
  • it’s all delicious
  • could we have some more water , please?
  • actually , I’m still waiting for my side dish
  • to be honest, my food is kinda cold . could you heat it up?

can i get you anything else?

  • two decaf coffees, please!
  • just the chek please
  • could i have a look at the dessert menu?
  • I’ll have a slice of apple pie
  • No thank s – i think we’re just about done

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