How To Respond Common Questions PART 2

What’s the weather like? how’s the weather ?

  • Hut and humid
  • It’s puring – take an umbrella
  • A littel chilly – you might wanna bring a jacket
  • Gorgeous – a perfect summer day
  • It’s quite cold – make sure to bundle up

What time is it?

  • It’s ten o’clock
  • It’s  half past four
  • It’s a quarter to twelve
  • Let me check my phone
  • Sorry , I don’t know

Can i help you?/do you need any help?

  • No, thanks I’m just browsing
  • Yes – Do you have this in a larger size ?
  • Yes – Where are the try-on rooms ?
  • Yeah . Can you tell me how much this is?
  • Yeah,  I’m looking for something under $30

How’s it going?

  • Great! Couldnt be better!
  • Fine How are things with you?
  • Not bad
  • I can’t complain
  • Do you really wanna know?

How are you feeling ?

  • Great ! never better
  • I’m all right
  • Like I need a vacation
  • A little depressed
  • Really awful

How was your day?

  • Really good!
  • Pretty uneventful
  • Very productive
  • Super busy
  • A total night more

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